Every once in a while (possibly 1 week per month), we will announce a specific week that will be chock full of interesting discounts! We’ll set up a password protected page with the discount information for “Secret Discounts Week” (<~click here)

NO CURRENT DISCOUNT WEEK IN EFFECT AT THIS TIME. New Discount Weeks will be announced here. Discount weeks are “POP-UP” and NOT ONGOING.

Verified clients that have already visited at least once can enjoy these discounts. We thought about having discounts for everybody, but decided we really wanted to show our appreciation for those that take a chance with us and join our LKP community of great members.

For those of you still sitting on the sidelines, time to join up and get that first visit in with us!

Here are some examples of discounts.

This is just a preview, we won’t go into details in this post. Verified clients can text us for the password to the “Secret Discounts Week” page for more information.

So if you have time, please join us, and come enjoy Secret Discounts Week.



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